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Why Little Oaks?

Children learn individually and with others through play. We offer our children a play- based curriculum which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. It supports all aspects of their learning and development. It encourages their in built curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them and helps them to discover that learning is interesting and fun.

This is vitally important if children are going to remain keen learners for the rest of their lives. Play in a secure environment with effective adult support allows the children to explore, investigate and enjoy the learning experience. We help them to practice and develop ideas, concepts and skills in a unique and non threatening way, without fear or failure. With our family of staff, we aim to provide a home from home atmosphere adapting to meet the changing needs of every child.

The Team

Little Oaks settings are led by company directors, Julie and Penny, who between them have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through hands on experience, both as Ofsted inspectors, practitioners and most importantly, mothers. Julie and Penny are committed to the on- going development of each member of staff, to ensure consistent high quality care across all of the settings.

Managers and staff are provided with the following opportunities to build on existing skills and learn new ones:



  • Undertake Ofsted inspector training.
  • Provide opportunities to undertake foundation degree in Early Years, going on to BA(HOns) level.
  • External courses, such as forest school and beach school training.
  • Internal training courses.
  • Personal development plans

Kents Finest

KCC latest statistics for Early years collaborations in 2018 have now been published and Little Oaks collaboration which is made up of only Little Oaks settings is ranked 4th in Kent out of 53 collaborations.
The percentage of children in the whole of Kent who achieved a level of good Learning Development is 76.4% .The children that attended a Little Oaks setting and left to go to primary school in 2017 on average achieved a level of Good learning development was 85.8%

Our Locations

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